Apil Tripathi: Inspiring Journey of a Nepalese Journalist

Apil Tripathi, a journalist from Pokhara, has made a big difference in journalism. He’s now at Gandaki Television and hosts the well-liked show ‘Gandaki Chhadke‘ every Friday. His story is inspiring because it shows how much he loves his work and how hard he’s worked to get where he is.

Who is Apil Tripathi?: Introduction

Apil Tripathi is a Nepalese television presenter and journalist. He is known for his work on the show “Gandaki Chhadke” . Tripathi has also worked as a news anchor for Gandaki Television and as a reporter for Falano News 2. He has a Facebook page with over 133,000 likes.

Full NameApil Tripathi
Popular ForNepali Social Worker

Age, Birthday and Zodiac

  • Age (As of 2023): N/A
  • Date of Birth: N/A
  • Zodiac Sign: N/A
  • Birth Place: Pokhara, Nepal
  • Nationality: Nepalese
  • Ethnicity: Asian

Physical Stats of Apil Tripathi

  • Height: 5 feet 10 inches
  • Eye Color: Black
  • Weight: N/A

Early Life and Education

Apil Tripathi comes from Pokhara, Nepal, where he grew up. His natural curiosity and desire for answers led him to choose a career in journalism. His journey is truly motivating, starting from writing stories as a young student to becoming one of Nepal’s most admired journalists. At a young age, he discovered his love for journalism and followed his passion by studying Mass Communication and Journalism at Pokhara University.

Family and Relative

There is no available information regarding Apil Tripathi’s family and relatives. We will update you as soon as information becomes available.

Personal Life and Relationship

According to our sources, his personal life remains quite private, as he likes to keep it separate from his professional life. Nevertheless, his commitment to his work and his unwavering pursuit of the truth have garnered him immense respect and admiration from both his colleagues and his fans.

His Career in Journalism

Apil Tripathi embarked on his journalism career with immense enthusiasm. He gathered valuable experience by working in different media organizations, which laid a solid foundation in the industry for him. At present, he is affiliated with Gandaki Television, where he hosts the show ‘Chhadke.’ With his engaging reporting style, he effectively brings crucial stories and issues to the forefront, captivating and informing viewers.

Awards and Achievements

His journalism efforts have earned widespread recognition and appreciation. He has been honored with multiple awards in recognition of his exceptional contributions to the field. These accolades serve as a clear testament to his unwavering dedication and commitment to delivering high-quality news and stories to his audience.

His Passion for Truth

Apil Tripathi is wholeheartedly committed to uncovering the truth and shedding light on corruption. He has played a pivotal role in numerous high-profile investigations, revealing instances of corrupt government officials and the misuse of public funds.

Apil Tripathi: Legacy and Impact

Apil Tripathi’s contributions to Nepali journalism have left a profound impact. His reporting has brought attention to crucial social issues, advocating for those who often go unheard. His unwavering commitment to providing impartial news and stories has been a source of inspiration for many aspiring journalists, encouraging them to pursue a similar path.

Controversial Issues

Upon conducting a search, it appears that there are no controversial issues or criticisms associated with Apil Tripathi. The search results predominantly highlight his achievements, significant contributions, and the inspirational journey of his career as a journalist.

Net Worth

Apil Tripathi’s estimated net worth is reported to be around NRs 1 to 2 crore as of November 2023. This information was found on his Facebook page.

Social Media

Apil Tripathi is not very active on social media. However, he maintains a presence on YouTube and Facebook, where he occasionally shares videos related to his journalism work.

Facts about Anil Tripathi

Here’s a list of key information about Apil Tripathi:

  1. Profession: Journalist and TV presenter.
  2. TV Series: Hosts the show “Journalist” on Gandaki Television.
  3. Acting: Appeared in the Nepali movie “Social Worker” in 2020 A.D.
  4. Personal Life: Prefers to keep his personal life separate from his professional endeavors.

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