Who is Brad Beckerman? Bio, Age, Divorce, Net Worth, Facts

Brad Beckerman, an American entrepreneur and former Live Nation Entertainment president, became well-known not just for his career but also because he was once married to Paula Abdul. Paula Abdul is a famous American singer, actress, dancer, and TV personality.

Introduction of Brad Beckerman

Brad Beckerman, an American entrepreneur, currently serves as the CEO of Still House Spirits, an American liquor company. He previously held the CEO position at Live Nation Entertainment, a major global entertainment corporation. Beyond his business ventures, Beckerman is a versatile talent with expertise in dancing, directing, singing, and acting. Notably, he has made appearances in films like “Impractical Jokers.” Born in the United States, he is an American citizen and earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing from the University of Florida.

Quick facts on bio of Brad Beckerman

NameBrad Beckerman
Date of birthJanuary 1, 1966
CountryUnited States of America
Number of ChildrenTwo (Willis Beckerman – 2011) & (Sage Beckerman – 2013)
Number of relationshipsTwo (Paula Abdul & Chase Leigh Beckerman)
Current Marital StatusSingle
WifePaula Abdul (1996-1997) and Chase Leigh Beckerman (2010)
Education LevelBachelor of Science in Marketing, University of Florida

Brad Beckerman – Education

There is very little information about his education.

Brad Beckerman successfully completed his academic journey by graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing from the prestigious University of Florida. This educational achievement laid the foundation for his future endeavors in the business and entertainment world, where he would go on to make significant contributions.

Career and background

Brad Beckerman kicked off his career after completing his university education. His first job was as the General Manager (GM) at Starter Sportswear, an internationally recognized sports company. However, Brad’s independent spirit led him to leave this position after only six months.

Eager to chart his own path, Brad founded his entertainment merchandise company, TRUNK Limited, in 2003 and managed it for four years until 2007.

In 2007, a major turning point in Brad’s career arrived when he was appointed as the President of Merchandising for Live Nation Entertainment, a global entertainment behemoth. In just a year, he initiated his next venture, IT, a prominent branding corporation known for its all-encompassing approach to identity creation and design. In addition, Brad Beckerman took on the role of Chief Creative Officer within the firm.

Following the success of IT, Brad diversified into the liquor business, establishing the “Stillhouse Spirits Company.” Brad Beckerman has solidified his position as a thriving American entrepreneur, amassing substantial revenue and establishing a strong business reputation.

Net Worth of Brad Beckerman in 2023

Brad Beckerman’s net worth in 2023 is estimated to be two million dollars. As a successful entrepreneur and the CEO of a lucrative liquor company, he has not only accumulated significant wealth but has also garnered a notable reputation and widespread recognition.

Body measurements

When it comes to Brad Beckerman’s physical attributes, he appears to have a tall and fit physique. Although specific information about his height and weight is not readily available online, from his pictures, it’s evident that he has brown eyes and grey hair.

Relationship status

Brad Beckerman’s romantic journey has seen its share of ups and downs. He was once married to the multi-talented Paula Abdul, with their love story beginning on a blind date. They dated for a year and eventually tied the knot on October 24, 1996, at the Beverly Hills Four Seasons Hotel in Los Angeles, California. Despite the promising start, their marriage unfortunately only lasted 17 months, leading to their legal divorce in 1997.

Brad Beckerman with his ex-wife(Source: Instagram)
Brad Beckerman with his ex-wife(Source: Instagram)

After his divorce from Paula, Brad remained single for some time. However, in September 2010, he entered into a new marriage with Chase Leigh Beckerman. Their relationship appeared to be going well initially, but it took a troubling turn when allegations of domestic violence arose. Chase accused Brad of choking her against a wall and making threats to her life. As a result, the judge issued orders for Brad to stay away from Chase and to relinquish custody of their children.

While the details of Brad and Chase’s separation remain private, Brad chose to focus on his career after this distressing incident, achieving significant fame and prosperity. As for his current relationship status, it remains a mystery, with no public information available on whether he is still single or in a new relationship.

Brad Beckerman’s Ex-wife Paula Abdul

Paula Abdul is a highly talented American artist known for her versatility in acting, dancing, singing, and choreography. She was born on June 19, 1962, in San Fernando, California, USA. Paula’s career began with choreographing a music video called ‘Torture’ and working on the choreography for the “Victory” tour.

She even had the opportunity to choreograph the famous giant keyboard scene in the 1988 film “Big,” starring Tom Hanks. Paula took a step into the music industry by recording a singing demo and eventually signing with Virgin Records in 1987. In addition to her music and dance work, she was involved in choreographing movies like “The Doors,” “American Beauty,” “Coming to America,” “Can’t Buy Me Love,” and “The Doors.”

Paula Abdul achieved further recognition with an Academy Award. In 2002, she became a judge on the reality competition show “American Idol,” which boosted her career even more. Her success in various fields has brought her substantial earnings, with an estimated net income of nearly $5 million.

Before marrying Brad Beckerman, Paula Abdul was previously married to American actor Emilio Estevez. Their marriage faced challenges because Paula was dedicated to her career and didn’t want to become a mother, while Emilio wished to start a family. This fundamental difference led to their divorce in 1994.

In 1996, Paula married Brad Beckerman in a traditional Muslim ceremony. However, this marriage also ended after just 18 months. Despite their divorces, Paula and Brad have maintained a friendly relationship.

Kids of Brad Beckerman and Chase Leigh Beckerman

Chase Leigh Beckerman, Brad’s second wife, is the mother of their two wonderful children. In 2011, they welcomed their first child into the world, a son named Willis Beckerman. Two years later, their beautiful daughter, Sage Beckerman, was born. They were loving and devoted parents, providing their children with the best care and attention until their relationship hit some rough patches.

The couple encountered significant marital issues, but these problems were not public knowledge until Chase decided to take legal action. She made serious allegations, stating that “Brad threatened to murder her” and describing an incident where “he snatched me by the neck and choked me against the wall in the bathroom.”

Upon hearing these allegations, the Department of Children and Family took a serious look at the case. In a court hearing, the judge issued an order for Brad to stay away from his wife and their children. Details regarding child custody and divorce remain private.

Despite these personal challenges, Brad Beckerman has continued to find success in his career. His professional achievements have not been significantly affected by these difficult circumstances.

Social media

Brad Beckerman maintains a low online presence, primarily on Instagram. His Instagram account is private, and he has garnered over 2,000 followers. He has a Twitter account with the handle @bradbeckerman.

It’s clear that he prefers to lead a private and quiet life away from the public eye and the internet.

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Who is Paula Abdul’s first husband?

  • Paula Abdul’s first husband is Emilio Estevez. He is a well-known American actor.

Who is Brad Beckerman?

  • Brad Beckerman is an American entrepreneur and businessman, known for his role as the CEO of Stillhouse Spirits Co. and an IT company.

What is Brad Beckerman’s occupation?

  • Brad Beckerman’s primary occupation is as a businessman and entrepreneur. He serves as the CEO of Stillhouse Spirits Co. and an IT company.

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