Drew House: A Timeline of Key Moments

From its humble beginnings as a playful experiment to a global fashion brand, Drew House has come a long way. Here, we take a look at some of the key moments in its evolution:


  • February: Justin Bieber trademarks the names “Drew,” “The House of Drew,” and “La Maison Drew.”
  • December: The brand officially launches with a capsule collection of “Cheap Hotel Slippers” featuring the iconic smiley face logo. The $4.99 price point quickly sells out, demonstrating the brand’s potential.

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  • January: Drew House launches its first full collection, featuring hoodies, tees, and accessories with the now-signature relaxed and playful aesthetic.
  • March: The brand expands its reach internationally by partnering with Ssense for a pop-up shop in Montreal, Canada. This marks a significant turning point as Drew House begins to gain broader recognition beyond Bieber’s fan base.
  • April: Drew House collaborates with Crocs on a limited-edition collection of customized clogs, further solidifying its place in the streetwear scene.
  • September: The brand releases its first fragrance, “Drew House Eau de Parfum,” capturing the essence of the California lifestyle.
  • November: Drew House partners with McDonald’s for a limited-edition clothing and accessories collection, showcasing the brand’s ability to collaborate with unexpected partners.


  • January: Drew House opens its first flagship store in Los Angeles, California, offering a physical space for fans to experience the brand’s world.
  • April: The brand launches its first home goods collection, featuring cozy blankets, pillows, and candles, further expanding its lifestyle offering.
  • July: Drew House releases its first collaboration with sportswear giant Nike, further blurring the lines between streetwear and high fashion.
  • September: The brand partners with J Balvin for a limited-edition clothing collection, demonstrating its appeal to a global audience.
  • October: Drew House launches its first-ever eyewear collection, providing fans with a new way to express their individuality.

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  • February: The brand partners with Vespa on a customized scooter, reflecting its California roots and commitment to sustainability.
  • April: Drew House releases its first-ever NFT collection, demonstrating its understanding of the evolving digital landscape.
  • June: The brand opens its second flagship store in New York City, solidifying its presence as a major player in the fashion industry.


  • March: Drew House partners with beauty brand MAC Cosmetics for a limited-edition makeup collection, expanding its reach into new territories.
  • May: The brand launches its first-ever Pride collection, celebrating LGBTQ+ inclusivity and diversity.
  • July: Drew House collaborates with streetwear giant Kith on a limited-edition capsule collection, further cementing its position in the fashion world.
  • September: The brand partners with streetwear icon Daniel Arsham for a limited-edition collection, showcasing its ability to combine high art and fashion.


  • January: Drew House announces its commitment to sustainability by using recycled cotton in its products.
  • April: The brand launches its first-ever fitness collection, encouraging fans to embrace an active lifestyle.
  • August: Drew House celebrates its fifth anniversary with a special collection and pop-up shop in Los Angeles.

Drew House Analysis:

Drew House’s rapid growth and evolution can be attributed to several key factors:

  • Leveraging Justin Bieber’s celebrity: Bieber’s star power and massive fan base provided Drew House with instant recognition and credibility.
  • Focusing on a unique aesthetic: The brand’s relaxed and playful style resonated with a generation seeking individuality and comfort in their clothing.
  • Embracing collaborations: Partnering with diverse brands helped Drew House expand its reach and appeal to new audiences.
  • Understanding the digital landscape: Utilizing social media effectively and embracing innovations like NFTs allowed Drew House to connect with its audience in a meaningful way.
  • Staying true to its values: By focusing on inclusivity, self-expression, and positivity, Drew House created a brand with which its fans could truly connect.


Drew House’s journey from a celebrity side project to a global fashion phenomenon is a testament to the power of authenticity, creativity, and effective brand building. As the brand continues to evolve, it will be fascinating to see how it navigates the ever-changing

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