Solo Leveling ARISE game Early Access tutorial – Download and play 2024

Solo Leveling: ARISE went live in Early Access on March 21, and since then, a large number of players have been joining the game to test out the first installment of the Solo Leveling IP.

But wait, there’s a catch. Players outside of Canada will have to wait for the actual release of the game sometime in May, since it is presently only accessible on Early Access for Canadians. Will they, or not?

We’ll explain how to download and play Solo Leveling: ARISE right now even if you’re not in Canada in this tutorial!

Is it now possible to play Solo Leveling: ARISE game?

Is it now possible to play Solo Leveling: ARISE game?

Yes, from March 21st, the game is in early access. Players may log in to test it out on their PC or mobile device.

Unfortunately, the game is only presently accessible in Canada, therefore in order to download and play it, users from other countries will need to use alternative methods.

But if you manage to overcome every obstacle, you’ll be able to play Solo Leveling: ARISE immediately!

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Play Solo Leveling: ARISE Outside of Canada-Tutorial

You will require a VPN in order to play Solo Leveling: ARISE Early Access from outside of Canada.

You may download the game on your PC or mobile device by connecting to a Canadian server with the use of a virtual private network (VPN).

Choose the finest VPN for you and your needs by doing your own research; there are many excellent ones available.

Once your VPN is set up, all you have to do is download the netmarble launcher from the Solo Leveling: ARISE official website, connect to a Canadian server, and start downloading the game.

Download Now and Play

Since all of your progress from this Early Access will not be lost, choose carefully which account to link to the game—the Canada Early Access and the official worldwide release will probably differ—and consider whether or not to attach your primary email address to the Early Access servers.

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