Solo Leveling Arise: Early Impressions – Free 200 summons

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Early Impressions Breakdown

Solo Leveling: ARISE offers an immersive experience, and I’ve dissected the game into four main components: story, combat, characters, and the gacha system. Here’s a detailed look at each:


The narrative of Solo Leveling: ARISE sticks closely to its source material—the beloved Solo Leveling manhwa. The decision to follow the original story rather than creating a spin-off seems to have paid off, presenting the narrative in a mix of voice-acted cutscenes and animated comic panels. The game not only revisits key moments from the manhwa but also introduces exclusive content that highlights some of the side characters. For those eager to jump into battle, a convenient ‘skip’ button speeds up the pace.

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The combat system in Solo Leveling: ARISE is a critical aspect, as it’s the core of player interaction. It’s dynamic, allowing for diverse builds and playstyles, particularly with the main character, Jinwoo. The combat features a mix of basic attacks, skills, and perfect dodges, reminiscent of mechanics seen in games like Lost Ark. However, it can occasionally feel clunky, especially when certain skills lock you out from dodging. Despite this, the combat is largely fluid and engaging, with some quirks that might require getting used to.

Characters / Hunters & Weapons

In typical gacha fashion, the game’s draw is its array of characters, or “Hunters,” which include favorites from the Solo Leveling series. While Jinwoo is the primary character you control, other Hunters appear as support or during specific missions. The distinction between Player Weapons and Hunter Weapons adds depth, with the former altering Jinwoo’s playstyle significantly and the latter serving mainly to boost stats.

Gacha System

The gacha component aligns with systems seen in major titles like Genshin Impact, featuring a pity counter and a 50/50 chance mechanic. While the gacha system does not break new ground, it offers reasonable rates and a generous amount of starting currency, ensuring players can secure high-tier items early on.

Is Solo Leveling: ARISE Good?

Yes, Solo Leveling: ARISE is a solid game. It successfully translates the essence of the Solo Leveling universe into an interactive format, supported by strong combat mechanics and faithful character renditions. While the gacha system might not appeal to everyone, it provides a fair shot at acquiring top-tier characters and weapons.

In conclusion, Solo Leveling: ARISE is more than just a promising adaptation; it’s a compelling ARPG that will likely keep both fans of the manhwa and new players engaged for a long time. Whether you’re here for the deep lore or the intense action, Solo Leveling: ARISE seems set to carve out its niche in the gaming world.

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