Top 30 Nicest Celebrities Ever (Updated 2023)

These celebrities have probably never had a hard time making it onto Santa’s “Nice List.” In this guide, we’ll introduce you to famous Celebrities known for their extraordinary kindness and generosity toward their fans and everyone around them. Our list features the likes of Paul Rudd, Dave Grohl, Chris Evans, Emilia Clarke, Hugh Jackman, and many more!

Top 30 Nicest Celebrities

Greetings from Famereports! In today’s article, we’re bringing you the Top 30 Nicest Celebrities in the business.

In this list, we’re shining a light on those famous folks who are renowned for their exceptional kindness and their warm treatment of fans and everyone they encounter. Just a quick note, we won’t be including celebrities who have sadly left us. If you’ve met a super-friendly celeb we haven’t mentioned, don’t hesitate to share in the comments!

#30: Reese Witherspoon

The Legally Blonde and Big Little Lies star is not only adorable, but also smart and ambitious. She is a successful actress, producer, and entrepreneur, who has created and supported many projects that showcase women’s stories and voices. She also advocates for literacy, education, and women’s empowerment through her book club, Hello Sunshine, and Girls Inc .

#29: Meryl Streep

Meryl Streep is an actress, who is widely regarded as one of the greatest and most versatile actors of all time. She is also a graceful and elegant person, who is respected and admired by her peers and fans. She is humble and gracious, and often praises and supports other actors and artists. She also supports causes like The National Women’s History Museum, Partners in Health, and Oxfam.

#28: Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is a singer, songwriter, and record producer, who is one of the best-selling and most awarded artists of all time. She is also a sweet and loyal person, who cares deeply about her fans and friends. She is generous and thoughtful, and often surprises her fans with gifts, visits, and invitations. She also supports causes like The American Red Cross, UNICEF, and GLAAD.

#27: Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio is an actor, who has won an Oscar for his role in The Revenant. He is also a passionate and dedicated person, who is an advocate for environmental and social issues. He is a UN Messenger of Peace, and a founder of The Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation, which supports projects that protect biodiversity, combat climate change, and empower indigenous communities.

#26: Beyoncé

Beyoncé is a singer, songwriter, and entrepreneur, who is one of the most successful and influential artists of all time. She is also a generous and empowering person, who uses her voice and platform to support and uplift others. She is a feminist and a humanitarian, who has donated to causes like Black Lives Matter, Hurricane Harvey Relief, and Global Citizen. She also founded a charity called BeyGOOD, which aims to create positive change in the world.

#25: Will Smith

Will Smith is an actor, rapper, and producer, who has starred in movies like Men in Black, The Pursuit of Happyness, and Aladdin. He is also a charismatic and energetic person, who loves to entertain and inspire people with his talent and personality. He is friendly and adventurous, and often challenges himself and others to try new things and have fun. He also supports causes like The Will and Jada Smith Family Foundation, which focuses on education, health, and the environment.

#24: Ellen DeGeneres

Ellen DeGeneres is a comedian, talk show host, and activist, who is famous for her motto “Be kind to one another”. She is a fun and positive person, who loves to make people laugh and smile. She is also a philanthropist, who has donated millions of dollars to various causes, such as animal welfare, LGBTQ+ rights, and education. She also surprises her guests and audience members with amazing gifts and experiences.

#23: Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence is an actress, who has won an Oscar for her performance in Silver Linings Playbook. She is also a fun and relatable person, who is not afraid to be herself and speak her mind. She is honest and authentic, and often makes fun of herself and her awkward moments. She also supports charities, such as Feeding America, World Food Programme, and Special Olympics .

#22: Oprah Winfrey

Oprah Winfrey is a media mogul, who is one of the most influential and powerful people in the world. She is also a generous and compassionate person, who has inspired and empowered millions of people with her stories and messages. She has given away cars, scholarships, and houses to her fans and guests. She also founded a charity called Oprah’s Angel Network, which supports education, health, and human rights around the world.

#21: Emma Watson

Emma Watson is an actress, who rose to fame as Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter series. She is also a smart and passionate person, who is an advocate for women’s rights and education. She is a UN Women goodwill ambassador, and a supporter of HeForShe, a campaign that promotes gender equality. She also surprises her fans with books, letters, and advice.

#20: Adam Sandler

Adam Sandler is genuinely kind, regardless of whether you’re a fan of his movies. Despite his sometimes eccentric movie roles, his real-life personality is more reserved. He’s often seen taking time to engage with fans, remaining humble and down to earth. Even Hollywood stars like Jennifer Aniston praise Sandler’s character. His ability to stay grounded despite his success in both comedy and dramatic acting is admirable.

#19: Paul Rudd

Paul Rudd, frequently the subject of jokes about not aging, is known for his amicable personality. In interviews, he radiates a down-to-earth nature that puts people at ease. Polite, humorous, and warm, he’s someone many people find relatable. It’s no surprise that he seamlessly integrates into major franchises like “Friends” and the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

He also supports various charities, such as Stuttering Association for the Young, Children’s Mercy Hospital, and Big Slick Celebrity Weekend.

#18: Shaquille O’Neal

Shaquille O’Neal, widely regarded as one of the greatest basketball players in history, is much more than a towering figure on the court. He has ventured into video games, wrestling, and sports commentary, showcasing his diverse interests. Despite his immense popularity, Shaq remains grounded and deeply appreciates his fans. He actively gives back to the community, whether it’s shooting hoops with local kids or assisting strangers in need, exemplifying generosity as colossal as his physical presence.

#17: Mark Hamill

Mark Hamill, best known for his iconic role as Luke Skywalker in the “Star Wars” series, is undeniably awesome. Despite a prolific career in both television and film, Hamill is forever associated with his legendary character. He embraces his place in fan culture, displaying affection for his admirers and a willingness to playfully poke fun at himself and the world around him. Whether through surprise appearances or witty tweets, Hamill is a Jedi we can all rally behind.

#16: Denzel Washington

In today’s world of cinema dominated by special effects and high-octane action, Denzel Washington stands out as an actor who brings a touch of old Hollywood elegance and dignity to his onscreen personas. The same can be said of the man himself. Always eloquent and kind to his fans, Denzel epitomizes the word “gentleman.” His witty sense of humor, perhaps surprising to some, only adds to his likable personality, making him endearing to all of us.

#15: Dave Grohl

During the early stages of his career, Dave Grohl was primarily known as the drummer for the band Nirvana. However, he has since become one of the most recognized musicians of the 21st century. What sets him apart is not just his musical talent but also his profound impact on his fans. If you search on YouTube, you’ll find numerous videos of Grohl engaging with his fans, whether on the streets or in the midst of his concerts.

He also supports causes like MusiCares, Autism Speaks, and Rock the Vote. He remains a down-to-earth individual who has a deep affection for his fans, cherishes his family, and enthusiastically shares his passion with everyone.

#14: Jennifer Garner

Jennifer Garner gained recognition playing Sydney Bristow on ABC’s “Alias.” While her secret agent persona may have initially intimidated viewers, it didn’t take long for them to discover the real Jennifer Garner off-screen. She’s a devoted mother, an unfailingly courteous interviewee, and often described as a “domestic goddess.” What’s truly endearing is her down-to-earth nature, as she’s someone who can afford to have others prepare her food but chooses to do it herself from scratch. She radiates authenticity in her interactions with everyone around her.

#13: Benedict Cumberbatch

Benedict Cumberbatch, like many others on this list, genuinely appreciates his fans. It’s not uncommon for celebrities to lose sight of the audience that brought them fame. However, Benedict stands out by frequently taking breaks from his busy schedule to engage with fans. He’s been known to step outside at events like Comicon to have conversations with people who waited in line overnight to attend his panel. Despite his significant successes, he remains a celebrity who values and embraces the fanbase that played a pivotal role in his journey to stardom.

#12: Kelly Clarkson

Viewers around the world witnessed her meteoric rise on “American Idol.” From that moment, she evolved into a formidable presence in the music industry and unquestionably one of the greatest talents to emerge from the talent show.

Surprisingly, despite her growing popularity, this Texas native has remained as steady as a skilled surgeon’s hand. She’s repeatedly praised for her genuine kindness, earning a reputation as one of the nicest individuals in Hollywood. All it takes is watching an episode of her talk show to witness the authenticity of her character. Kelly’s warmth and kindness extend to fans, colleagues, and everyone she encounters, making her even more captivating.

#11: Tom Hiddleston

Tom Hiddleston, known for his role as Loki in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), has become one of the most beloved characters in the MCU. His portrayal of the conflicted Loki has garnered a dedicated fan base and even inspired a hit Disney+ show. However, it’s not just Loki’s complexity that shines through; it’s also Tom Hiddleston’s love for his fans and colleagues. He consistently engages with his followers and expresses his genuine appreciation for their support. His memorable appearance at events like Comicon solidifies his image as someone willing to go the extra mile for his fans.

#10: Chris Evans

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has a knack for impeccable casting, repeatedly choosing the perfect actors for their iconic heroes. Captain America embodies the ideal “good guy,” and no one could be better suited for the role than Chris Evans. On several occasions, the actor has proven himself to be a hero in his own right, mirroring the values of his red, white, and blue character. He’s generously donated to numerous charities, visited children in hospitals, and consistently showcased his chivalry at award shows. In fact, Chris Evans might be even more of a “nice guy” than his on-screen Captain America persona.

#9: John Cena

When you think of professional wrestlers, toughness and intimidation may come to mind. John Cena, a top performer in WWE, embodies this image. However, his interactions with fans reveal a very different side. Cena is a prominent supporter of the Make-a-Wish Foundation, demonstrating his commitment to giving back to his fans. His love and dedication to every fan are evident in numerous heartwarming interactions you can find on YouTube.

#8: Emma Stone

Authenticity shines through when you see how celebrities react to their own idols. Emma Stone’s genuine, down-to-earth personality sets her apart from many Hollywood stars. Her endearing moments, like fangirling over meeting a Spice Girl on Graham Norton’s show, instantly connect with audiences. Stone’s charming awkwardness and realness, whether with fans or in interviews, have made her truly adored by many.

#7: Emilia Clarke

Onscreen, Emilia Clarke rode dragons in “Game of Thrones” and battled Skynet in “Terminator: Genisys.” Offscreen, she surprises viewers with her sweetness and humility. Her adorable reactions, such as feeling starstruck while sitting with Matt LeBlanc from “Friends” on “The Graham Norton Show,” endear her to fans. In interviews and her graceful handling of health challenges, Clarke’s authenticity shines through, solidifying her status as a queen who conquers hearts with kindness.

She also founded a charity called SameYou, which supports people recovering from brain injuries and strokes.

#6: Dolly Parton

Dolly Parton’s warm, southern personality is in a league of its own. At 75 years old, she continues to perform, engage with fans, and radiates delight. Her life journey, from rags to riches, doesn’t show in the way she treats people. Despite global recognition, she remains approachable, as if she were the friendly neighbor down the street. Dolly treats her fans like family, emphasizing that fame hasn’t overshadowed her golden-hearted nature. With over 40 albums to her name, she proves that true kindness endures even amid stardom.

#5: Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds is a master of self-deprecating humor, and his down-to-earth charm disarms everyone he interacts with. He’s known for giving back, like visiting sick children dressed as Deadpool. What’s even more impressive is the love and care he shows for his wife and kids. While he plays the “merc with a mouth” on screen, he’s a real-life hero who captures the hearts of many.

Additionally, he actively backs charitable organizations like the Make-A-Wish Foundation, F*ck Cancer, and The Michael J. Fox Foundation, demonstrating his commitment to helping those in need and making the world a better place.

#4: Hugh Jackman

Hugh Jackman portrayed a cigar-smoking, three-clawed mutant for 17 years as Wolverine, but in reality, he’s quite different. He’s known for his generosity, contributing his time and money to numerous charity events. Jackman connects with his fans on various levels, whether through personal appearances or interviews. He comes across as just another guy you could sit down and have a coffee with, demonstrating his approachable nature.

He also provides his support to different groups, including Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS, World Vision, and the Laughing Man Foundation.

#3: Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

Dwayne Johnson, also known as “The Rock,” is one of the few wrestlers who successfully transitioned to become a major movie star. His real-world persona is as captivating as his on-screen roles. His infectious laughter, especially when shared with Kevin Hart, is a source of joy for his fans. The sight of him singing with his daughter as Maui is heartwarming. The Rock is always approachable, ready to meet and greet his fans, even while going about his everyday life.

 He has surprised fans with cars, video calls, and movie tickets. He also founded a charity called The Rock Foundation, which helps children and families in need.It’s truly touching to witness a superstar who remains down-to-earth and genuine with the very people who support him.

#2: Tom Hanks

Much like another entry on this list, Tom Hanks is a versatile actor who brings depth to his roles. He is an Oscar-winning actor, who has starred in classics like Forrest Gump, Toy Story, and Cast Away. He is also a nice and friendly person, who is always willing to help others and make their day. He has crashed weddings, photobombed fans, and returned lost items. He also supports causes like UNICEF, American Red Cross, and Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation.

#1: Keanu Reeves

Disregard any “sad Keanu” memes you may have come across. Keanu Reeves rightfully claims the number one spot on this list. Above all else, this Canadian actor remains firmly grounded. He exudes humility and gratitude towards everyone he encounters. Whether it’s giving up his seat on a subway, showing respect to his female fans, or engaging in heartfelt conversations with the less fortunate, Keanu’s genuine kindness shines through. Those “sad” memes should undoubtedly be transformed into “glad” memes.

He generously supports various causes and organizations, including Stand Up To Cancer, PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals), and The Art of Elysium. His philanthropic efforts reflect his commitment to making a positive impact on the world beyond his acting career.

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