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The “aliens among us” concept has been used in a lot of television series and films, when aliens adopt human form and blend in with the surroundings. The aliens in a recent Korean science fiction series resemble parasites that devour the brains of the humans they infiltrate. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

PARASYTE: THE GREY: Watch now or skip?

First Shot: A man swears while talking on the phone while playing a computer game. Subsequently, we witness several pods plummeting to Earth through the clouds.

The summary: Tiny, writhing worms emerge from the pods. At an EDM dance concert, we track one of the worms as it slithers through the crowd. At last, it enters a VIP area and sucks itself into an inebriated audience member’s ear. He initially becomes lifeless. However, he then awakens and emerges into the throng. Abruptly, his skull splits apart, revealing large tentacles that launch an assault on the throng.

When Jeong Su-in (Jeon So-nee), the grocery store clerk, sees the same aggressive client who was swearing while playing a video game an hour earlier, she knows that he is furious. He remarks, “I could kill everyone there,” after their exchange. Following her scooter in her car, the man leaves once her shift ends. He ploughs into the scooter at a far-off place, sending her hurtling, and he exits with a knife, stabbing her. Slithering inside one of the pods that is close by, the parasite injures Su-in severely. The culprit with the knife is slain when a tentacle suddenly emerges.

Later, we witness Kwon Hae-hyo’s character, senior police investigator Cheol-min, receiving a briefing at a nearby hospital. Su-in appears to be in good condition despite having been stabbed several times; the wounds are so healed that others no longer consider them to be recent injuries. The culprit is no longer alive, yet it remains unclear how he was taken out. Su-in is acquainted with Cheol-min, who handled her case two decades prior when she reported her abusive father to the police at the age of ten. She was certain, despite the severity of her wounds, that she had been stabbed earlier that evening because she believed she was going through yet another set of bad luck.

A few months later, we witness Seol Kang-woo (Koo Kyo-hwan), a hitman for many organized criminal groups, returning to his family’s apartment following the failure of a hit. His sister has vanished and left behind a flier advertising a religious revival; his mother is behaving suspiciously.

At this juncture, the parasitic aliens have successfully integrated into human hosts, establishing a cohesive community to ensure their survival. Their shared symbol, reminiscent of the one found on the church flyer, serves as a unifying emblem. While most human hosts have succumbed entirely to the parasites’ control, Su-in remains an exception. However, her precarious situation takes a dangerous turn when she finds herself pursued by two individuals after finishing work, leading to her entrapment in a junkyard.

Coincidentally, Kang-woo, in search of his missing sister, chances upon the scene. As the two parasitic hosts close in on Su-in and establish communication with the parasite residing within her, an unexpected turn of events unfolds. Utilizing Kang-woo as a conduit, the parasite within Su-in imparts crucial information to her.

Meanwhile, a specialized task force known as "Team Grey" has been mobilized to combat the parasitic threat, under the leadership of Choi Jun-kyung. Parasite the grey

Meanwhile, a specialized task force known as “Team Grey” has been mobilized to combat the parasitic threat, under the leadership of Choi Jun-kyung. At the Namil Police Station, Jun-kyung briefs officers, including Cheo-min, about the parasites and unveils a captured parasite host referred to as a “Hunting Dog.” Encased in a suit and helmet, this captive parasite serves as a tool to locate and flush out other parasites by exploiting the unique frequency they emit to detect one another.

Amidst these developments, Su-in delves into an introspective journey, seeking understanding from the parasite coexisting within her. Through this symbiotic relationship, she uncovers the reasons behind their coexistence and gains insights into the circumstances under which the parasite assumes control of her consciousness.

As tensions escalate and alliances form, the stage is set for a complex and gripping narrative, exploring themes of survival, identity, and the boundaries of humanity in the face of an otherworldly invasion.

What Shows Will It Remind You Of?

“Parasyte: The Grey” is reminiscent of shows like “V,” which explore the infiltration of aliens in human society. Other similar series include “The X-Files,” “Falling Skies,” “Dark Angel,” and “Invasion.” They all feature themes of resistance, survival, and the complexities of human nature in the face of extraterrestrial threats.

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If you want to watch “Parasyte: The Grey” online, feel free to check out Netflix. But if you don’t have access, don’t worry we got you covered. Click on the link below and enjoy full series online for free.

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Our Take: Parasyte the grey

Our perspective on “Parasyte: The Grey” is that it offers a straightforward adaptation of Hitoshi Iwaaki’s manga, focusing on an alien invasion story with apocalyptic undertones. The characters who serve as hosts for the parasites are mostly unnamed, with their distinguishing feature being the tentacles that emerge from their heads, resembling the demogorgon from “Stranger Things.”

The narrative centers around four main characters: Su-in, Jun-kyung, Cheo-min, and Kang-woo. Su-in plays a pivotal role in the story as the only known mutant, her body’s unique response preventing complete parasite control. She becomes humanity’s hope against the alien threat, as she and the parasite within her strive to understand each other’s nature.

The parasites recognize Su-in’s mutant status as a threat to their existence, emphasizing the importance of her survival for both parties. As the story progresses, Su-in’s journey to adapt and potentially confront the alien hosts becomes a focal point, imbuing the narrative with a sense of humanity amidst the chaos.

While the series may follow the trajectory of a typical post-apocalyptic tale like “The Walking Dead,” we hope it prioritizes character development and alliances over a dwindling survivor count. Watching Su-in navigate her newfound abilities and form bonds with allies like Cheo-min and Kang-woo promises an engaging storyline. The looming conflict with the other aliens and Jun-kyung adds further intrigue to the narrative, resembling a strategic chess match.

Overall, it’s the human element within “Parasyte: The Grey” that sets it apart, offering potential for nuanced storytelling beyond a simple battle against alien invaders.

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Sex and Skin: There are no scenes involving sexual content or nudity.

Parting Shot: Following the revelation about the alien presence within her, Su-in seeks solace at a bus shelter, where she lets out a scream before exhaling a heavy sigh, reflecting the weight of her newfound knowledge.

Sleeper Star: Kwon Hae-hyo’s extensive experience in K-dramas ensures that his portrayal of lead detective Cheol-min will be imbued with his trademark world-weariness, adding depth to the character.

Most Pilot-y Line: Kang-woo bluntly states to Su-in, “In simple terms, you’re a mutant, okay?” This line serves as a straightforward exposition moment, setting up Su-in’s unique position in the narrative.

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